We create the setting for Marylebone to flourish. We strive to enhance the community through our responsible stewardship, excellent service and unique offering, so Marylebone remains a coveted place for generations to come. Whether you are here to live, work, study or visit, we want you to feel part of something exceptional.

Our business is based around the management of a large portfolio of rental properties, but our activities extend far beyond those of most landlords.
With roots in Marylebone that extend back several centuries, Howard de Walden is thoroughly invested in the progress of the entire area—our success is a reflection of the success of the community we serve.

Meeting the needs of our partners and customers is central to everything we do.
We take a close interest not just in our own buildings, but in the streets and gardens, the cultural institutions, the schools and colleges, the environment, and, above all, the people.

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Our operations and investment programme is designed to create sustainable growth far into the future.
This requires us to be forward-thinking and innovative. It requires us to keep a careful eye on the balance of properties both between and within our different sectors, ensure that the area’s building stock is constantly improved and updated, maintain close ties with local stakeholders and work tirelessly to provide the infrastructure needed not just for today but for many years to come.

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